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DCI Reactor, 500 Liters.
September 29, 2014
One (1) used DCI Reactor, 500 Liters. With stainless steel construction, 36" diameter x 34" straight side, dished top and bottom, rated 45 psi to full vacuum at 320 F internal, jacket rated 150 psi at 320 F, 1" CBO; top has 24"…  Read More »
APV Twin-Screw Extruder, 50 mm
September 26, 2014
One (1) used APV Twin-Screw Extruder. Electrically-heated, water-cooled, split-barrel with 9 barrel zones, four (4) top openings with four (4) side vents; 50 mm, 44:1 L/D, 28 kW DC motor with SCR; with gearbox cooling system (circulation and heat…  Read More »
Johnson Plastics Machinery Co-Extrusion Sheet Line
September 24, 2014
One (1) used Johnson Plastics Machinery Co-Extrusion Sheet Line. Consisting of one (1) 6" Johnson Single-Screw Extruder, 30:1 L/D, electrically-heated, water-cooled 8 zone side-vented (plugged) barrel with a closed-loop system with pump, tank…  Read More »
Beringer Hydraulic Screen Changer, Model RSL-60
September 22, 2014
One (1) used Beringer Hydraulic Screen Changer, Model RSL-60. With dual breaker plate, 6" diameter, and 5 HP, 230/460 volt power pack. Type: Extrusion Downstream » Screen Changers Quantity: 1 Inches: 6 Manufacturer: BERINGER…  Read More »
September 19, 2014
One (1) used O'Hara Fastcoat Coating Pan, Model FC60. With stainless steel constructin, 60" diameter perforated pan, four (4) spray guns; 5 HP, 575 volt pan drive, 5 HP, 575 volt blower; Graco Solution feed pump, control panel with Omron…  Read More »
Microfluidics Microfluidizer, Model M210C-E/H
September 18, 2014
One (1) used Microfluidics Microfluidizer, Model M210C-E/H. Rated up to 30,000 PSI, up to 1.5 GPM; with stand-alone control panel. Serial #93039. Type: Mills » All Mills Quantity: 1 Size: 0 Manufacturer: MICROFLUIDICS Item #: 477…  Read More »
Bee Inernational Homogenizer, Model DEBEE-2000
September 17, 2014
One (1) used Bee Inernational Homogenizer, Model DEBEE-2000. With 316 stainless steel product contact surfaces, two-stage, rated 1-liter capacity, 3100 Kgf/cm squared (45000 psi); with on-board 7.5 HP, 380/220 volts, 3-phase, 50/60 hZ, and hydraul…  Read More »
Glatt Coating Pan, Model GCA-800EX
September 16, 2014
One (1) used Glatt Coating Pan, Model GCA-800EX. With stainless steel construction, 800 mm (31") diameter perforated pan, explosion-proof design with spray guns; air handling unit with dust collector, blower and control panel and operator int…  Read More »
Quadro Comil, Model U20
September 15, 2014
One (1) used Quadro Comil, Model U20. With stainless steel construction, on portable base. Serial #0187. Type: Mills » Comil / Cone Mills Quantity: 1 Size: 20 Manufacturer: QUADRO Item #: 39985 GET QUOTE NOW…  Read More »
LAB Rotary Tablet/Capsule-Enrobing Unit
September 12, 2014
One (1) used LAB Rotary Tablet/Capsule-Enrobing Unit. With 8 stations, heated enrobing system and Keyence CV-3000 vision system, 115 volts. Type: Capsule Filler » Encapsulator Quantity: 1 Size: 0 Manufacturer: LAB Item #: 40014…  Read More »
Glatt Fluid Bed Dryer, Model WST500
September 11, 2014
One (1) used Glatt Fluid Bed Dryer, Model WST500. Stainless steel, approximate total volume 12.5 cu. m, approximate container volume 1,560 liters, maximum pressure at 10-bar design; includes top mounted dust filter, air handling unit, exhaust air…  Read More »
Korsch Rotary Tablet Press, Model PH-106/DMS
September 10, 2014
One (1) used Korsch Rotary Tablet Press, Model PH-106/DMS. Rated up to 32,400 tablets/hour, 6-station, 40 KN compression pressure, keyed upper punch guides, 15 mm max tablet diameter, 15 mm max depth of fill; includes force feeder with feed hopper…  Read More »
Collette High-Shear Mixer, Model GRAL-600
September 9, 2014
One (1) used Collette High-Shear Mixer, Model GRAL-600. With stainless steel product contact surfaces; includes one (1) 600-liter stainless steel jacketed bowl, and one (1) 600-liter stainless steel non-acketed bowl; pneumatically-operated dischar…  Read More »
Triple S Dynamics Gravity Separator, Model T-20R1
September 8, 2014
One (1) used Triple S Dynamics Gravity Separator, Model T-20R1. With stainless steel construction, 20 sq. ft. surface area, approximately 1.5 HP motor drive; mounted on stainless steel base, with external 5 HP blower on stand. Serial #GR-2007-04,…  Read More »
Hibar Gel Liquid Filling Line, Model P0493
September 5, 2014
One (1) unused Hibar Gel Liquid Filling Line, Model P0493. Stainless steel construction, intermittent motion, designed to fill gel into applicator wands at speeds up to 55 parts/minute, range up to 3 ml nominal fill volume, up to 1.3 million cps g…  Read More »

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