• FDA Issues Final Guidance on Quality Agreements

    Tim Wright, Editor || January 26, 2017
    Says the difference between the draft from May ’13 and the final guidance focuses on areas that needed to be clarified

  • Collaboration is the Heart of Innovation

    Tim Wright, Editor || November 9, 2016
    Mutually beneficial partnerships ultimately help to save patients’ lives

  • That’s a Wrap!

    Tim Wright, Editor || October 11, 2016
    The 15th Anniversary edition of Contract Pharma’s conference covered key industry trends

  • Rising to the Challenge

    Tim Wright, Editor || September 8, 2016
    While preparing for the upcoming DSCSA requirements and beyond is a daunting task, it’s not one that is insurmountable

  • The Top 25 Report

    July 12, 2016
    It’s time for Contract Pharma’s annual snapshot of the largest pharma & biopharma companies

  • Partnering for Success

    Tim Wright, Editor || June 2, 2016
    Opportunity abounds for contract service providers in the robust biopharma market

  • Biosimilars to the Rescue?

    Tim Wright, Editor || May 5, 2016
    Will the new wave of “generic” biologics help curb soaring drug prices?

  • Covering Ground

    Tim Wright, Editor || April 5, 2016
    From the negotiating table to the lab to the production line, we’ve got it covered

  • Is Pharma’s Future in Precision Medicine?

    Tim Wright, Editor || March 9, 2016
    As the cost of drugs and healthcare continues to rise, industry stakeholders are looking to technological innovation for solutions. This has led to a trend towards the development of personalized, or precision, medicine, designed to provide tailored…

  • APIs...Lifeblood of the Pharma Industry

    Tim Wright, Editor || January 28, 2016
    The global active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) market is expected to reach the $200 billion mark by 2020 from where it stands today at about $150 billion. Forecast to grow at a healthy CAGR of 6.5%, according to a report published by MarketsandMar…

  • Staying Ahead of the Curve

    Tim Wright, Editor || November 17, 2015
    Contract packagers talk shop; forming a serialization strategy is the first step to not be left behind.

  • Specialization is a Key Value Add

    Tim Wright, Editor || October 7, 2015
    CMOs, CDMOs and CROs are becoming more specialized to stand out in a hyper competitive market

  • Securing the Supply Chain

    Tim Wright, Editor || September 11, 2015
    Industry prepares for global compliance with DSCSA looming on the horizon

  • Shaking Things Up

    Tim Wright, Editor || July 14, 2015
    Gilead, with Solvaldi sales leading the charge, busts down the door to the Top 10

  • Banging the CMO Drum

    Tim Wright, Editor || June 2, 2015
    Sponsors are calling upon the services of CMOs more and more for their “expertise”