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Last Updated Friday, May 22 2015



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Tim Wright, Editor
May 6, 2015
API and solid dosage manufacturing are a strong focus  Read More »
Tim Wright, Editor
April 1, 2015
As one of the world’s largest industries, pharma plays a major role in boosting global GDP  Read More »
Tim Wright, Editor
March 6, 2015
Also bolsters generic sterile injectables portfolio with Hospira acquisition  Read More »
Tim Wright, Editor
January 29, 2015
Exploring what the new year has in store.  Read More »
Tim Wright, Editor
November 13, 2014
Vaccines are promised, but will it be too late?  Read More »
Tim Wright, Editor
October 14, 2014
As Contract Pharma celebrates its 15th anniversary, where is the industry headed?  Read More »
Agnes Shanley, Editor
September 8, 2014
Inversions offer tax savings, but hurt corporate identity and culture  Read More »
Agnes Shanley, Editor
July 21, 2014
Now that FDA has issued draft guidance on social media use, can drug companies come up with deeper, more effective strategies?  Read More »
Agnes Shanley, Editor
July 16, 2014
Are the tax savings from inversions worth the damage to corporate identity and culture? Can you even identify individual pharma company missions and corporate cultures anymore?  Read More »
Agnes Shanley, Editor
June 3, 2014
Good or bad, recurring upheavals and layoffs have become a given. Being prepared is the best defense.  Read More »
Agnes Shanley, Editor
May 1, 2014
Do we need to get more sophisticated about the way we view data, but more primitive in the way that we communicate with peers and contract partners? Is more “face time” needed?  Read More »
Agnes Shanley, Editor
April 3, 2014
As Vertex’s example shows, partnering and outsourcing can promote innovation.  Read More »
Gil Roth
February 26, 2014
Exchange of ideas can lead to mutually beneficial linkages  Read More »
Gil Roth, Editor
January 24, 2014
Last issue, I promised a new design for the magazine, and I delivered! (Courtesy of the expert work of our art department, especially Mike Del Purgatorio and Jessica Carlin!) Our readers and advertisers are concerned about deliverables of much highe…  Read More »
Gil Roth, Editor
November 13, 2013
I, for one, welcome our new IT overlords  Read More »

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