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Published May 21, 2015
Selected for a highly specialized vaccine fill/finish project Read More »
Published May 13, 2015
Saves pharmaceutical manufacturers time and money by determining ideal packaging needs Read More »
Published May 12, 2015
Gains leading biologic treatment and oncology infrastructure for $900M Read More »
Published May 8, 2015
This sell sheet gives an overview of Patheon’s Quick to Clinic™ Program, which offers High-Quality Phase I Clinical Trial Materials in as Little as 12 Weeks. What’s more, this accelerated program gives you access to six flexible dosage forms an… Read More »
Published May 8, 2015
The purpose of this study was to investigate approaches to determine the near UV radiation exposure in an ICH Q1B Option 2 photostability chamber by quinine actinometry. Different approaches were evaluated and showed considerable variances. All facto… Read More »
Published May 8, 2015
The purpose of this study was to investigate the root cause and potential mechanism behind the areas of discoloration on stability samples of pharmaceutical tablets. The most likely mechanism of tablet discoloration was related to a dehydration react… Read More »
Published May 8, 2015
Patheon transferred a customer’s manufacturing process and delivered an improved formulation with better stability, scalability and manufacturability. We also prepared documentation for a robust CMC package for their NDA submission.… Read More »
Published May 8, 2015
The chemical structure of a customer’s new molecule indicated potential for oxidative degradation and hydrolysis. Through binary excipient compatibility testing, Patheon was able to focus efforts on a formulation with maximum stability.… Read More »
Published May 8, 2015
A new degradation product was observed in accelerated stability chromatograms for a new formulation. A tentative structural assignment was made by the customer's consultant but needed to be verified.… Read More »
By Emil W. Ciurczak, DoraMaxx Consulting
Published May 6, 2015
Looking at standard methods and references Read More »
How and When to Use Multiple Techniques in Biophysical Protein Characterization
By Inigo Rodriguez-Mendieta , SGS Life Science Services
Published May 6, 2015
The uses and misuses of orthogonality in aggregation studies Read More »
Published April 22, 2015
Lab has more than doubled in size and will serves as a cGMP testing site Read More »
Published April 20, 2015
New technical center, cGMP distribution center and headquarters enhances ability to support customers in the region Read More »
Published April 14, 2015
Completes production of a commercial scale lot of EVK-001 in accordance with CMC Read More »
By Emil W. Ciurczak, DoraMaxx Consulting
Published April 1, 2015
The chicken or the egg? Read More »
Preclinical Evaluation of Auto-disable (AD) Intradermal (ID) Adapter
By Dr. Izzy Tsals , SID Technologies
Published April 1, 2015
ADID found to increase accuracy and prevent reuse Read More »
What is Needed From a Next-Generation Inhalation Device?
By Richard Jenkins, 3M Drug Delivery Systems
Published April 1, 2015
Reinventing familiar technologies Read More »
Published March 9, 2015
Glide to use solid dose technology for Pfenex's Px563L-mrPA Read More »
Solid Dosage Manufacturing Trends
By Tim Wright, Editor
Published March 6, 2015
Big Pharma continues to unload in-house manufacturing, partnering with contract service providers that can meet their cGMP needs. Read More »
Changing Prices in the Bio CMO Market
By William Downey , President, HighTech Business Decisions
Published March 6, 2015
A dynamic market for biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing services is seeing prices rise and fall Read More »
Published March 3, 2015
The analytical method transfer is regulatory requirement number one. Read More »
Published March 2, 2015
Many of the pharmaceutical companies we work withcontact us with questions about scaling up the manufacturing process. Read More »
Published February 27, 2015
Will offer production of API using microbial expression systems Read More »
Published February 4, 2015
SUPAC Guidelines and Regulatory Strategy Read More »
Published February 3, 2015
A common question for pharmaceutical companies using high shear granulation and fluid bed drying processes Read More »
Supplier Selection: A Roadmap to a Good Start
By George Tyson, CMC and supply chain consultant
Published January 29, 2015
Good supplier selection is a key element of success in the pharmaceutical industry today. Read More »
Published January 27, 2015
Now provides comprehensive biotherapeutic protein analyses Read More »
Published January 16, 2015
Protocol noncompliance is the fastest growing performance deficiency Read More »
Published January 14, 2015
Validates MSD V-PLEX 10-plex Proinflammatory Panel Read More »
Published January 13, 2015
Bedford facility to manufacture commercial drug for U.S. distribution Read More »
Published December 2, 2014
Will double lab size to accommodate increasing FTE activities and stability projects Read More »
Published December 1, 2014
Attributes growth to rapidly developing biopharma industry and increase in CMOs globally Read More »
Syenz Pharmaceutical Research & Development
Published November 24, 2014
Contract Laboratory Services Read More »
Published November 18, 2014
Wokingham, Poitiers and Clichy Labs offer CIR benefit Read More »
Published November 17, 2014
Signs two contracts on the same day. Read More »
Published November 14, 2014
Adds global particle size engineering technologies Read More »
Next-Gen ADCs: Collaborating to Improve Supply Chains for Development and Technology
By Dr. Cynthia Wooge and Dr. Jyothi Swamy , SAFC
Published November 13, 2014
A look into today’s ADC landscape and how collaboration aims to address ADC customer challenges. Read More »
Published November 7, 2014
Revenues climb 55% in the quarter Read More »
Published October 31, 2014
To open a new 115,000-sq.-ft. analytical facility in Hangzhou, China Read More »
Published October 28, 2014
Enhances capacity and capabilities for cell culture testing Read More »
Using Microscopical Analysis Methods
By Gretchen Shearer , Senior Research Chemist, McCrone Associates, Inc.
Published October 14, 2014
The integrity of the container system is crucial to the safety of parenteral products. Read More »
Agile Drug Development: Lessons from the Software Industry
By Pedram Alaedini, Birnur Ozbas PhD, and Fahri Akdemir, Primapax and C1 Consulting
Published October 14, 2014
Why pharma needs to move from a “waterfall” to a “scrum” model Read More »
Contract Pharma’s 15th Anniversary Retrospective: Then & Now
By Kristin Brooks, Contract Pharma
Published October 14, 2014
A look back at the pharma/biopharma industry and outsourcing. Read More »
Assuring Quality from CMO’s
By Dr. Kevin Siver, PhD, Onyx Pharmaceuticals
Published October 1, 2014
Serving Patients is a Privilege. This Privilege Comes with Significant Responsibilities Read More »
Published October 1, 2014
Adds services for biopharmaceutical analysis Read More »
Published September 26, 2014
Will sell Captisol-enabled formulation to Merck Read More »
By Emil W. Ciurczak, DoraMaxx Consulting
Published September 8, 2014
This is the first part in a series of articles discussing how process analytical technology (PAT) can add to your bottom line and suggesting baby steps you can take to using it. Read More »
The Audit Trail Advantage
By Carol Brandt , GMP Compliance Consulting, NNE Pharmaplan
Published September 8, 2014
Why one of FDA’s most misunderstood rules can help ensure data integrity and compliance, and help in root cause analysis Read More »
Clinical Trial Supplies 101: An Outsourcing Primer for Virtual Pharma and Biopharma Companies, Part1
By Joseph Iacobucci and Damian Gant , Clinical Supplies and Xcelience
Published September 8, 2014
Getting packaged investigational materials dispensed to the patients taking part in clinical trials, on time and correctly, requires orchestrating myriad activities. Outsourcing makes the process even more complex. This series of articles presents tips on how to do it right. Read More »
10	Teva
Published July 21, 2014
Headquarters: Petach Tivka, Israel twitter.com/tevapharm www.tevapharm.com Headcount:   46,000   Year Established:  1901   Pharma Revenues: $2… Read More »

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