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Published November 15, 2007
GPC Biotech has announced plans to restructure, a process that will include layoffs of approximately 44% of the company’s current active workforce. Both the German and U.S. workforce will be cut. The company is "retaining key personnel nee… Read More »
Published August 23, 2007
GPC Biotech AG is restructuring and will reduce its U.S. staff by 46 employees (approximately 15%) with reductions in the commercialization, drug development and general and administrative groups. The company also announced that Martine George, M.D.… Read More »
Published April 17, 2007
GE Healthcare, a unit of General Electric Co., has acquired Wave Biotech LLC, a supplier of disposable manufacturing technologies for the biopharmaceutical industry. The acquisition of Wave Biotech LLC, including its subsidiary Wave Europe Pvt. Ltd.,… Read More »
Published February 22, 2007
Sartorius AG has signed a definitive agreement with Stedim Biosystems S.A., to acquire a substantial stake in Stedim, combining its Biotechnology Division with Stedim's biopharmaceutical supply business. Upon completion of this transaction, Sartorius… Read More »
Published December 15, 2006
Crucell has received its first orders for the CMO agreement with NJ-based Wyeth Biotech. The agreement for formulation and filing of a vaccine was finalized at the end of 2005 and will have the first business impact for Crucell in 2007. The vaccine w… Read More »
Published September 26, 2006
Pfizer and Quark Biotech have entered into an agreement under which Pfizer acquires an exclusive worldwide license to Quark's novel human gene RTP-801 and to molecules that modify its expression or function. RTP-801 is involved in the development of… Read More »
Published September 14, 2006
Biogen Idec and mondoBIOTECH AG have signed an exclusive collaboration and license agreement for Biogen Idec to develop, manufacture and commercialize Aviptadil, a clinical compound for the treatment of Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH). Und… Read More »
Published July 7, 2006
Novozymes acquired Delta Biotechnology, Ltd. from the Sanofi-Aventis Group as part of its strategy to extend its portfolio of products that are used as key ingredients in biopharmaceutical products. Delta, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Novozymes, oper… Read More »
Toxicology & Biotechnology at the Crossroads
By Steve Barkyoumb, DVM
Published June 8, 2006
Current issues in safety evaluation Read More »
Published May 15, 2006
AstraZeneca has made a bid to acquire Cambridge Antibody Technology (CAT) in a deal valued at $1.3 billion. CAT, Britain's largest biotech company, develops drugs from antibodies, the body's natural immune defence, which generally have fewer side-eff… Read More »
Published April 11, 2006
InNexus Biotechnology and Affimed Therapeutics have formed a collaboration utilizing Affimed's antibodies and InNexus' SuperAntibody antibody enhancement drug development platform. The companies will complete feasibility studies and InNexus will have… Read More »
Published March 8, 2006
The Science Center, a leading venture ecosystems for life sciences and biotechnology companies, has partnered with Aqumen Biopharmaceuticals, KK of Fukuoka, Japan to open a U.S. base for the company's operations. The partnership is part of a broader… Read More »
Published February 14, 2006
Viventia Biotech, Inc. and Dowpharma contract manufacturing services, a business unit of The Dow Chemical Co., have entered into a commercial license agreement for Pfenex Expression Technology, a Pseudomonas-based technology from Dowpharma. Under the… Read More »
By Faiz Kermani, Ph.D.
Published August 23, 2005
Exploring the worldwide potential for Biopharma production Read More »
By Jon Hess and Elio Evangelista
Published August 23, 2005
Jockeying for position in the race to become "partner of choice" Read More »

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