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Quintiles Adds New Infosario Functionality

June 21, 2013

Streamlines portal communications

Quintiles has added new functionality to its Infosario technology platform. Investigators and site personnel now have the ability to order tests, track samples and view results within a single online portal. According to the company, the portal provides timely lab data and offers greater transparency and efficiency with enhanced data quality. Investigators and site personnel can process electronic requisitions, review reports and respond to queries in an interactive format. The new functionality offers improved data quality and consistency, sample tracking and traceability as well as reduced query resolution time.
“The investigators working with Quintiles’ Global Laboratory network can now experience the benefits of streamlined communications, improved data accuracy and accelerated laboratory tests results,” said Thomas Wollman, senior vice president, Quintiles Global Laboratories and Cardiac Safety Services. “Our customers and investigators view the Infosario portal as a significant step forward in improving the speed and quality of laboratory management. This is another example of how we partner with our customers to improve their probability of success.”

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