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WuXi Selects Instem’s Provantis Portal

July 19, 2013

Remote monitoring provides access to on-going studies

WuXi AppTec has purchased Instem’s Provantis Portal Remote Study Monitoring solution. The Provantis Portal will allow WuXi’s toxicology clients to log into a secure web site using any standard browser to view data from their on-going studies. According to the company, this makes it easy for clients, particularly international organizations, to monitor studies remotely, while being able to more effectively communicate internally and with WuXi.
“WuXi’s mission is to create a broad, integrated platform of R&D services that will allow anyone and any company to develop new medicines efficiently and cost effectively,” said Stephen Mason, vice president of operations for Preclinical Services at WuXi. “The speed and quality of communications made possible by the Provantis Portal supports our commitment to better serve our customers globally through high-quality services.”
Neil Donaldson, vice president of Asian and European Operations at Instem, said, “We are delighted that WuXi continues to take advantage of solutions from within our Study Workflow and Automation suite, and I’m encouraged to hear that their use of the Provantis Portal is bringing immediate value to them and their clients. It is also fantastic to see WuXi expand the number of users and modules of Provantis as they increase capacity at their Suzhou facility.”