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Financial Report: Lilly

July 24, 2013

Revenues up 6% in the quarter


2Q Revenues: $5.9 billion (+6%)

2Q Earnings: $1.2 billion (+31%)

YTD Revenues: $11.5 billion (+3%)

YTD Earnings: $2.8 billion (+42%)

Comments: Cymbalta sales increased 22% to $1.5 billion in the quarter. Cialis sales increased 13% to $529.4 million. Revenue in the U.S. increased 13% to $3.4 billion driven by increased prices, primarily for Cymbalta. Revenue outside the U.S. decreased 2% to $2.5 billion, impacted by foreign exchange rates, primarily the Japanese yen, and the loss of market exclusivity for Zyprexa (-25% to $283.2 million). Higher revenue and ongoing cost containment drove earnings growth.