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Malvern Acquires NanoSight

September 30, 2013

Expands nanoscale solutions

Malvern Instruments Ltd. has acquired NanoSight Ltd., a nanoparticle characterization company based in Amesbury, UK. NanoSight employs 50 people worldwide and will continue to operate from its current facilities under its existing management team.
Malvern gains NanoSight’s Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (NTA) technology, an instrumentation and software that provides simultaneous multi-parameter analysis and characterization of various types of nanoscale particles. NanoSight technology provides quantitative detection and characterization capabilities to make exosomes, intercellular messengers that reflect the disease status of an individual, as potential biomarkers for drug discovery, disease prognosis, diagnosis and monitoring, as well as personalized medicine.
Paul Walker, managing director of Malvern Instruments, said, “NanoSight is a real entrepreneurial success story and I am delighted to be welcoming the NanoSight team to Malvern. NanoSight has grown every year since it was established in 2002 and has ambitious plans for the future. We will be providing the investment and support needed to continue this drive forward and are absolutely committed to developing the NanoSight brand within the Malvern portfolio.”