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UPS Introduces Shipment Service Levels

October 4, 2013

Expands Temperature TruePortfolio options

UPS has introduced new service levels for managing the full range of temperature-sensitive healthcare product as part of its UPS Temperature Trueportfolio. The service allows healthcare companies to choose from tiered service levels based on the degree of control needed, while ensuring protection in the supply chain. The newly expanded service offers more options for shipping temperature-sensitive products such as specialty pharmaceuticals, biologics, medical devices and diagnostics, as well as generic consumer health and veterinarian medicine.
The three service levels include: UPS Temperature TruePlus for both active and passive shipments that maintains the strictest temperature ranges in transit; UPS Temperature TrueStandard, for shipments that need lower levels of in-transit monitoring, while still maintaining product compliance; and UPS Temperature TrueSaver, a standardized ocean freight solution for temperature-sensitive shipments, which is currently being piloted with customers and will roll out early in 2014. This option is designed for large volume shipments where cost management and regulatory compliance are both paramount.
"We are seeing growth in the number of temperature sensitive shipments due to the increasing cold-chain regulations and expansion of generic products," said Dirk Van Peteghem, vice president of UPS Healthcare Logistics. "Listening to the marketplace, we are further broadening our UPS Temperature True®portfolio to meet these needs while also helping companies ensure compliance for a broader range of product temperature requirements."
In addition to the new service level options, the portfolio includes packaging consulting services for temperature-sensitive products, as well as technology, proactive monitoring and intervention services, risk management and contingency planning, and regulatory compliance.

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