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Aesica Expands Aseptic Capabilities

October 7, 2013

Adds manufacturing equipment for pre-filled syringes

Aesica has acquired new pre-filled syringes manufacturing equipment capable of processing 5000 units/batch, which is currently undergoing validation via process simulation trials. There has been significant growth in demand for pre-filled syringes, particularly for trials involving proteins and vaccines. The addition allows the company to service clients across the EU and U.S. markets.

The company will have invested more than £500,000 upon completion of the validation process due January 2014. During the next three years, Aesica is targeting production of 900,000 units and is currently in discussions with a company for the scale-up of a clinical trial product for which a joint validation is pending.
Ian Lafferty, site director at Nottingham, said, “Over the last few years, Aesica has really accelerated its credibility in the aseptic market and pre-filled syringes are a natural evolution towards providing a complete product portfolio for our clients, and a reflection of the direction the wider market is heading. Demand is increasing for these products and very few other CDMOs are currently able to supply this in such quantities for clinical trials. Biotechnology companies are already starting to make contact with us and I would envisage a steady uptake across the US and in particular Europe where we are likely to see huge growth rates.”