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Harlan CRS Introduces New Pathology Team

October 24, 2013

Expands pathology capabilities at three labs

Harlan Contract Research Services (CRS) has introduced a new team of pathologists and technicians. “Harlan CRS has focused resources on attracting and assembling the best multidisciplinary team of consultant pathologists available to augment our existing services,” said Wendy Henderson, Harlan CRS global head of pathology. “With their exceptional experience, skill and efficiency, I’m confident we will exceed our clients’ expectations.”
Ms. Henderson is responsible for assembling the new team as well as managing harmonization between the three pathology labs, and extending the pathology team’s capabilities and capacities through strategic partnerships. Prior to joining the company a year ago, Ms. Henderson had been head of pathology and principal pathologist for Aptuit in Edinburgh, Scotland, and senior veterinary pathologist for Charles River Laboratories.
Harlan has pathology labs in Itingen, Switzerland; Barcelona, Spain; and Derbyshire, U.K., where in-house teams of pathologists and technicians conduct special and routine necropsy, histology and histopathology, as well as fetal pathology on all lab animals and special species. Other services include special embeddings and techniques such as cryomicrotome cuts, automated immunostaining, microscopy, Zbinden toxicopathology case collection and peer review.
“Two areas are vital for an effective histopathology service — quality of production and data, and speed of throughput and response, and these are what our new team is able to deliver,” said Ciriaco Maraschiello, Ph.D., director of drug discovery and translational medicines for Harlan Laboratories CRS. “Thanks in part to our reputation throughout the contract research industry, Wendy has been able to build a team of the very best talent from both the CRO and pharmaceutical industries that will enable us to deliver high-quality pathology services to all of our clients.”