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West Completes Initial SmartDose Tech Platform Study

November 7, 2013

Container system aims to meet the needs of modern biologics

West Pharmaceutical Services has completed a preliminary study of its SmartDose technology platform, which incorporates a Daikyo Crystal Zenith (CZ) cartridge. The study evaluated self-application, safety, performance, and tolerability of SmartDose 2.5 using saline in healthy subjects.
The Daikyo CZ cartridge with the Flurotec film coated piston and seal comprise a container system specifically designed for most modern biologic medications. West and Daikyo Seiko have developed CZ primary container systems in an effort to reduce interaction with biologics, as well as the added benefits of break resistance, higher quality standards, dimensional tolerance, and functionality associated with polymer systems.
"We believe our efforts to develop the SmartDose technology platform system are important, because we see an unmet need for high-volume subcutaneous delivery of viscous or sensitive drug products, which may require longer injection times," said Paul Norton, vice president of Self-Injection Systems at West. "Daikyo Crystal Zenith has a long history of use as a primary drug container, and many of our customers find Daikyo Crystal Zenith an attractive option based on quality, stability and performance considerations. The flexibility of CZ allows it to be optimized for use with the SmartDose platform and makes it possible to utilize these technologies for the next generation of self-administered protein-based drugs."
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