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ABC Labs, Missouri U Establish Internship Program

By Kristin Brooks | December 11, 2013

Science majors to gain work experience in private industry

ABC Laboratories and The University of Missouri Department of Biochemistry have entered a joint initiative to offer science majors work experience in private industry. The Biochemistry Department will offer the course Biochemistry 4001—Industry Internship, where ABC scientists will participate in lectures and the company will offer paid internships under the program.
ABC president and chief executive officer, John Bucksath, said, “So many students pursuing an education in life sciences think of academia or medicine as their only career paths. In fact, there is a tremendous demand for scientific brainpower in private industry.” ABC is a CRO that provides product development services to heavily regulated industries such as pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals.
Chris Lee, Ph.D., assistant professor with MU’s Department of Biochemistry, said, “This internship opportunity presents a chance for our students to explore a career in the biotech industry while working to finish their degree. Hopefully this experience provides the technical training along with the theoretical background in science to make our students competitive hires at ABC or related biotech companies.”

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