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Last Updated Thursday, April 17 2014

Inno Biologics Employs Clone-Pix for Nuvilex

By Kristin Brooks

Published December 12, 2013
Inno Biologics, a contractor for Nuvilex, Inc., is employing Clone-Pix technology for the isolation and selection of clones to obtain large numbers of cells for Nuvilex's clinical trials in advanced, inoperable pancreatic cancer. Clone-Pix is an instrument that allows for the automated isolation of high value clones of mammalian cells, and, according to the company, allows for more clones to be screened in less time compared to conventional technologies.
The best clones for Nuvilex's purposes will be isolated, tested and propagated to obtain the requisite numbers of cells for cellulose-based encapsulation that will ultimately form part of Nuvilex's treatment for advanced pancreatic cancer.
Nuvilex's chief scientific officer, Dr. Robert F. Ryan said, "Through the use of Clone-Pix, Inno Biologics will be able to optimize the selection of the most desirable clones for Nuvilex to use in producing adequate numbers of cells for our future late-phase clinical trials as expeditiously as possible. The availability of the Clone-Pix technology at Inno Biologics was a significant factor in our choosing that company to conduct this very important phase of our preparations for those trials."

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