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SPI Pharma Launches Pharmaburst 500 Site

By Kristin Brooks | January 15, 2014

Offers technical resources and information on ODT platform

SPI Pharma has launched its new Pharmaburst 500 website -- -- which is designed to assist R&D formulators and business development managers interested in the development and commercialization of orally disintegrating tablets (ODT). The site offers technical resources, including starting formulations, as well as information on SPI Pharma's ODT technology platform, taste-masking, and drug development services.
Pharmaburst is a fully formulated off-the-shelf ODT designed for direct compression tablet manufacturing. It’s currently used in more than 60 commercialized products around the world. Pharmaburst 500, the company’s latest technology platform, was granted a U.S. patent in December 2013. Pharmaburst 500 is an optimized formulation that provides robust tablets with rapid disintegration and superior organoleptic properties, according to the company.
"Orally disintegrating tablets are becoming increasingly popular due to their convenience and compliance advantages. They are becoming mainstream in a variety of prescription and OTC medications for treating pain, cough/cold, sleep disorders, GERD, and ED," said Diane Reitter, Business Manager for SPI Pharma. "SPI Pharma is uniquely positioned to support our customer's ODT development projects by offering taste-masking and drug development services along with our market leading Pharmaburst technology."
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