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Horizon, Transgenomic in Genetic Diagnostic Alliance

By Kristin Brooks | January 16, 2014

To transition assays to Horizon’s Quantitative Molecular Reference Standards

Horizon and Transgenomic, Inc. have entered into a collaboration to develop improved genetic diagnostic tests using Horizon’s Quantitative Molecular Reference Standards for all of its existing and future assays using plasmid-derived controls.
Horizon will provide its renewable, genetically defined Quantitative Molecular Reference Standards in both gDNA (genomic DNA) and FFPE (formalin fixed paraffin embedded) format. The Quantitative Molecular Reference Standards will be used for Transgenomic’s range of genetic diagnostic tests, and for the development of new tests and in vitro diagnostic kits. The Quantitative Molecular Reference Standard products will be selected from Horizon’s inventory of more than 300 products, and its GENESIS gene editing platform.
“Combining Horizon’s technology for developing reliable, genetically defined Quantitative Molecular Reference Standards, with Transgenomic’s expertise in molecular diagnostic technologies, this collaboration provides strategic opportunities that will significantly benefit our biomarker identification business,” said Paul Kinnon, president and chief executive officer of Transgenomic. “We are excited to be working with Horizon, a leader in the personalized medicine field, as we work to expand our test and kit offerings in the rapidly growing area of companion diagnostics.”
“Transgenomic operates at the cutting edge of molecular diagnostics and is an ideal partner for Horizon,” said Paul Morrill, senior vice president of Horizon Diagnostics. “This collaboration adds to our strong network of world class partners practicing high quality science, and contributes to our goal of advancing personalized medicine and ultimately better patient care. We look forward to working with the Transgenomic team.”