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Mundipharma Selects BioClinica’s OnPoint CTMS

By Kristin Brooks | January 28, 2014

Customizable solution designed to improve control and efficiency of trials

Mundipharma Research has selected BioClinica’s OnPoint CTMS (Clinical Trial Management System), for various aspects of its clinical trial management activities. OnPoint CTMS is web-based clinical trial management solution designed to improve control and efficiency of clinical trials, providing sponsors the ability to view and manage real-time operational performance.
OnPoint’s Office-Smart capabilities will be incorporated with Mundipharma’s Microsoft technologies and will allow users to access, update, and report on clinical trial data from within its existing Microsoft Office and SharePoint, a collaborative portal.
“We are very excited about Mundipharma Research’s decision to utilize the OnPoint approach to clinical trial management,” said Peter Benton, president of BioClinica’s eClinical Solutions. “Mundipharma Research is known for being a dynamic organization wholly dedicated to the research and development of highly effective and innovative medications. This requires supporting technologies that empowers users and makes them more productive. OnPoint’s customizable structure and robust reporting capabilities will accomplish this for Mundipharma Research while increasing collaboration and visibility.”

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