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Financial Report: Novartis

By Kristin Brooks | January 29, 2014

Pharma sales up 1% in the quarter, benefits from delayed Diovan generic in the U.S.


4Q Revenues: $15.1 billion (+2%)

4Q Earnings: $3.0 billion (-3%)

FY Revenues: $57.9 billion (+2%)

FY Earnings: $12.5 billion (flat)

Comments: Pharmaceutical sales were $8.3 billion in the quarter, up 1%, with growth products contributing $4.8 billion or 32% of group sales, up 15%, offset by the impact of generic competition for Zometa/Aclasta and Diovan. Gilenya, Afinitor, Tasigna, Galvus, Lucentis, Xolair, the Q Family[2] and Jakavi, generated $3.3 billion in sales, or 40% of division sales, compared to 33% in 4Q12. Alcon sales were $2.7 billion in the quarter (+3%). Sandoz sales were $2.4 billion (+1%), and included U.S. generic sales of valsartan HCT and four months of Fougera sales. Vaccines and Diagnostics sales were up 4% to $655 million, driven by seasonal influenza, pre-pandemic sales including H7N9 in the U.S. and Menveo growth, partially offset by lower pediatric bulk sales due to earlier supply phasing.
Consumer Health sales grew 8% to $1.0 billion.