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Financial Report: Roche

By Gil Roth | January 30, 2014

Oncology drugs fuel growth

Financial Report: Roche 4Q13

4Q Revenues: 11.9 billion CHF (+7%)

4Q Earnings: not reported

FY Revenues: 46.8 billion CHF (+3%)

FY Earnings: 11.4 billion CHF (+18%)

Comments: Pharma sales rose 3% to 36.3 billion CHF in 2013, hampered 4% by a strong Swiss franc. For the full year, Oncology products led the growth trend, with breast cancer drugs up 14% to 6.6 billion CHF (at CER). Avastin sales grew 13% to 6.3 billion CHF, while Rituxan revenues were up 6% to 7.0 billion CHF. Lucentis revenues were up 15% to 1.7 billion CHF. In 4Q13, Rituxan revenues were up 7%, Avastin was up 13%, Lucentis was up 22%, and Herceptin rose 7%.
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