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Actavis Restructures Global Businesses

By Kristin Brooks | January 31, 2014

Consolidation creates Actavis Pharma and Actavis Global R&D

Actavis has restructured its global businesses and will consolidate its global generics, specialty brands, branded generics, legacy brands, OTC and third-party commercial operations and business development, into a single division led by Siggi Olafsson, president of Actavis Pharma. Actavis' generic, brand, inhalation, and biosimilars R&D organizations will be consolidated under the leadership of Fred Wilkinson, who will serve as president of Actavis Global R&D. Mr. Olafsson and Mr. Wilkinson will continue to report to Paul Bisaro, chairman and chief executive officer of Actavis.
In addition, Robert Stewart, president of Global Operations, will be have an expanded role of driving efficiencies across the organization and capitalizing on efficient utilization of resources, as well as the capabilities of Actavis' global manufacturing and distribution functions, including continued oversight of Anda, Inc., a U.S. pharmaceutical distributor. Marc Lehnen, senior vice president of Global Integration Management and Patrick Eagan, chief human resources officer will now report to Mr. Stewart.
"By placing all commercial pharmaceutical sales and marketing functions under Siggi, our new commercial structure will better position us to respond to market needs and compete more effectively on the global specialty pharmaceutical stage.  Actavis currently participates in more than 60 markets, and we are focused on expanding our commercial footprint. Siggi's knowledge of global markets and understanding of the intricacies of delivering pharmaceuticals that meet the needs of specific market dynamics — brand, generic, branded generic and OTC products — ensures we are capitalizing on opportunities to drive revenues and earnings growth.  Combining our commercial operations will dramatically strengthen Actavis' position as a global provider of pharmaceutical products to our patients in our diverse customer base," said Mr. Bisaro.

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