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MPI Research Joint Partnership Names Imaging Center

By Kristin Brooks

Published February 5, 2014
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MPI Research, through a joint partnership with inviCRO, and 3D Imaging, have named their new imaging center, which is being built at the MPI Research headquarters in Mattawan, MI. The Translational Imaging Center, which will combine molecular imaging, autoradiography, and animal modeling with an onsite cyclotron, vivarium, and advanced image analytics, is expected to be completed in early spring 2014. The center will have the ability to translate preclinical data to clinical data, providing critical insights aimed at accelerating decisions regarding a drug candidate's potential.
"Today we are pleased to officially announce the name of the Translational Imaging Center," said MPI Research chairman, president, and chief executive officer William U. Parfet. "This Center underscores our commitment to help pioneer a new era of drug development. We have put together a facility and team capable of helping drug developers learn more about their compounds in a faster and more cost-effective way than ever before. We are helping 'de-risk' the testing process, accelerating decisions in a very powerful way."
"We wanted the name to be reflective of what we truly feel to be the foundation of the Imaging Center," said Scott Haller, director of the Translational Imaging Center. "Our multidisciplinary partnership and commitment to provision of data allowing for true translation to clinical development efforts beget the name — Translational Imaging Center. Our aim is to approach each project as a collaborative effort with our sponsors to help drive new therapeutics into the clinics as safely and as scientifically sound as contemporary paradigms, yet more rapidly and cost effectively."

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