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Financial Reports: Sanofi

By Gil Roth | February 6, 2014

Diabetes, Genzyme, Generics key drivers

Sanofi 4Q13

4Q Revenues: €8.5 billion (+7% CER / -1% on a reported basis)

4Q Earnings: €1.0 billion (+172%)

FY Revenues: €33.0 billion (-1% CER / -6% on a reported basis)

FY Earnings: €3.7 billion (-24%)

Comments: Pharma sales rose 8% (all results CER) to €7.0 billion in 4Q, driven by a 19% jump in the Diabetes division (€1.7 billion), a 31% boost from Genzyme (€595 million), and a 12% increase in Generics (€478 million). Vaccine sales were flat for 4Q and FY, at €959 million and €3.7 billion, respectively. Lantus sales were up 20% during both of those periods, at €1.5 billion and €5.7 billion. Plavix sales grew 13% to €491 million in 4Q, driven by growth in Japan (+16% to €209 million) and China (+40% to €114 million). Revenues from Emerging Markets grew 10% for 4Q and 4% for FY to €2.9 billion and €11.0 billion, surpassing the U.S. market (€2.7 billion / €10.4 billion) and Western Europe (€1.9 billion / €7.8 billion).
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