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Pfizer To Test DIR's Integrity Inspection System

By Kristin Brooks | February 11, 2014

Will evaluate I2VS for aluminum foil sealing of induction-sealed bottles

Pfizer Global Supply will perform a three-month trial of DIR Technologies’ packaging integrity testing systems based on thermal imaging. DIR technologies will install an inspection system to potentially replace destructive seal integrity testing across a number of packaging operations, to evaluate speed, accuracy, and cost.
Pfizer is looking to potentially enhance the inspection of a number of different packaging operations, particularly sealing and capping of bottles and some sterile pouch sealing operations. The I2VS (Induction Integrity Verification System) is testing in-line the integrity of the aluminum foil sealing of induction-sealed bottles. According to the company, the system is capable of inspecting 100% of the bottles undergoing induction sealing, without resulting in production slowdown and providing continuous process verification. 
Steve Hammond, senior director of the Process Analytical Sciences Group at Pfizer, said, “Pfizer Global Supply has a long history of deploying new technologies, as part of continuous improvement of manufacturing effectiveness programs in support of overall quality. The deployment of thermal imaging technology has the potential to inspect 100% of some packages at normal machine throughput, enabling detection of almost all defects and ensuring the patient only receives a well protected product, while also facilitating the optimization of these operations. The technology to measure many of the key parameters of many package sealing processes has not previously existed.”

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