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ABIVAX in Cuban Vax-Pact

By Kristin Brooks | February 12, 2014

Leverages technologies and product pipelines aimed at advancing therapeutics

Truffle Capital has established ABIVAX, based in Paris, in collaboration with the Cuban Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB), which aims to be a global leader in therapeutic vaccines and antivirals. The partnership will leverage both of their existing product pipelines as well as future acquisitions that are currently underway.
ABIVAX specializes in therapeutic vaccines and antivirals, combining the technologies and the product portfolios of three French biopharma companies financed by Truffle Capital (Wittycell, Splicos and Zophis). The CIGB is the largest subsidiary under BioCubaFarma that specializes in the discovery, development and production of vaccines and antivirals. ABIVAX also brings key assets, including complementary technology platforms and an experienced management team.
The most advanced products in the ABIVAX portfolio include: a therapeutic vaccine for chronic hepatitis B from CIGB and Wittycell; a novel anti-viral drug for AIDS from Splicos, an anti-HPV therapeutic vaccine to treat uterine cervix dysplasia and prevent the emergence of cancer from Wittycell, and a novel adjuvant to boost NKT and B cell response from Wittycell. Two vaccines are in Phase IIb development in patients with chronic hepatitis B, and the other is expected to enter Phase I in 2015 for the treatment of chronic infection with human papilloma virus and cervical dysplasia. The adjuvant is in Phase I studies. The company's first antiviral drug to treat AIDS, is scheduled to enter clinical trials in 1Q14. Additional therapeutic vaccines are in preclinical development.
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