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PAREXEL Launches New Branding Program

By Gil Roth | February 12, 2014

Focuses on three themes, streamlines informatics offerings

PAREXEL has launched a new marketing program to highlight its approach to meeting client needs. The new brand promise, “Your Journey. Our Mission™,” focuses on three themes: Global Expertise, Drive to Solve the Complex, and Recognition of the Bigger Journey.

Josef von Rickenbach, chairman and chief executive officer, PAREXEL International, “In today’s market, biopharmaceutical companies must effectively balance global requirements with regional and local issues, address clinical trial complexity and seek ways to make the drug development process more efficient. For more than 30 years, our mission has been to help the biopharmaceutical and medical device industries prevent and cure disease. While that mission hasn’t changed, the way we promote our mission is changing. PAREXEL’s new brand platform clearly defines how we can simplify drug development by applying our unique capabilities to the work we do. This will help clients better understand the full scope of our portfolio, and how individual offerings interrelate.”

In a conversation with Contract Pharma, Christopher Tama, Worldwide Head of Marketing, PAREXEL, remarked, "This is an evolving market, with new sets of demands. Today's move isn't about a new name, but a new promise: 'Your Journey. Our Mission™' conveys PAREXEL's role as a thought leader in the drug development space, and our role in advancing the conversation."

A company statement provided a breakdown of the three themes of the new branding campaign:
  1. Global Expertise: Today, it is not enough to have a large global footprint. PAREXEL’s drug development experts are connected through common processes, standards and technology, so regardless of where a study is conducted, the same standards of quality apply. With 76 locations in 50 countries, PAREXEL cooperates and collaborates globally to provide services and share best practices around the world. PAREXEL brings value to clients throughout the entire product life cycle by putting to work its deep understanding of science, technology, regulatory and business issues combined with global resources and local knowledge of region-specific requirements.
  2. Drive to Solve the Complex: From its fully integrated Perceptive MyTrials® eClinical technology platform to its pioneering regulatory work in biosimilars, PAREXEL is constantly working to solve complex challenges for clients by optimizing integrated offerings in new and innovative ways.  A constant focus on simplifying the drug development journey requires PAREXEL to take on the tougher challenges and find new ways to advance this journey.
  3. Recognition of the Bigger Journey: PAREXEL led the development of Strategic Partnerships in the biopharmaceutical industry, enabling companies to optimize the entire drug development process. These close, long-term partnerships drive deeper collaboration, speed up development cycles and reduce cost, according to PAREXEL’s Strategic Partnerships 2013 report. It revealed that 85% of the biopharma executives surveyed believe Strategic Partnerships have positively impacted CRO-sponsorship relationships.

Mark A. Goldberg, M.D., PAREXEL's president and chief operating officer, told Contract Pharma, "These three dimensions speak to the depth and breadth of our expertise at PAREXEL. Our global mindset is more than just pins on a map; it's about developing common standards, inter-connecting our sites, and making a seamless offering for our clients. When it comes to solving complex issues, we can point to the fact that we helped develop the first biosimilar in Europe, as well as to our investment in technology, to the nearly 3,000 IT professionals we have. And as far as strategic partnering goes, we're in a position to work with the largest of pharmas as well as small and mid-size biotech and specialty pharma companies, because the long time-lines that are required lend themselves to our long-term vision for PAREXEL."

As part of the new campaign, PAREXEL has launched a new corporate website at to clearly delineate the company's services; the site also features several videos intended to illustrate the company’s global expertise as well as its ability to manage complexity and to develop meaningful Strategic Partnerships.

In a related announcement, PAREXEL has rebranded its Perceptive Informatics subsidiary as PAREXEL Informatics. The move is intended to reflect PAREXEL's integrated, end-to-end service offerings.

Dr. Goldberg remarked, “As biopharma companies increasingly seek a combination of solutions from a single service provider, we are more closely integrating our clinical research and technology offerings to meet this need. Toward that end, the new PAREXEL Informatics branding communicates our commitment to providing technology-driven solutions that complement our other clinical trial services, without changing our overall go-to-market strategy. At the same time, we’ll continue to use the respected Perceptive® brand with certain offerings in recognition of the considerable market equity it has earned over the years.”

The Perceptive brand will be used to identify specific informatics offerings, including the Perceptive MyTrials® eClinical platform, the Perceptive® Partner Program and the Perceptive® Institute.

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