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Biopharma Services, ADA Medical In Contract Research Services Pact

By Kristin Brooks | February 14, 2014

To provide preclinical drug development through to Phase I - IV trials

Biopharma Services Inc., through a collaboration with its sister company, ADA Medical Ltd., will now offer a range of contract research services, from preclinical drug development through to Phase I - IV trials. ADA Medical’s existing project management skills will be combined with Biopharma’s pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics, biostatistics, data management, regulatory and quality assurance capabilities, to provide quality oversight for drug research and clinical trials.
“ADA Medical’s preclinical drug development research services and late stage Phases IIb – IV medical research are a natural fit with Biopharma Services Inc. early stage Phases I – IIa,” said Renzo DiCarlo, chief executive officer of Biopharma Services and ADA Medical.

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