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Charles River Launches RightSource Service

By Kristin Brooks | February 20, 2014

Allows companies to outsource biologic QC testing

Charles River Laboratories has launched its new insourcing/outsourcing option to biotech and pharma companies, allowing them to completely externalize their quality control (QC) testing program to Charles River. After Charles River and the client identify the best combination of insourcing and outsourcing options, Charles River will be able to completely manage the client’s QC testing program, evaluate and select outsourcing vendors where necessary, and provide a dedicated project manager familiar with the technical aspects of the program to oversee all of client’s QC activities. 
“Growing demand for services such as RightSource points to the continued challenges biopharmaceutical companies face, as well as the increased reliance on drug development partners like Charles River, particularly in the area of biologics,” saidBirgit Girshick, corporate senior vice president, Research Models and Global Biopharmaceutical Services, Charles River.

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