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West Receives CE Mark for ID Adapter

By Kristin Brooks | February 24, 2014

Designed to help improve consistency and reliability of intradermal injections

West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc. has received CE approval of its Intradermal (ID) Adapter, which is designed to help improve the consistency and reliability of intradermal injections. The approval is based on two clinical studies that verified the performance of the ID adapter.
According to the company, correctly administered ID injections can help conserve the supply of high-value vaccines and provide patients with a more reliable injection. The ID Adapter provides an alternative to the Mantoux method, which has been the industry standard since 1907, and requires extensive training and experience to perform correctly and consistently. According to the company, the ID Adapter enables this process to be carried out more easily, with less training and with greater reliability.
"We are delighted to offer our European customers a solution which can improve reliability and performance of intradermal injections and meet growing market demands in this area," said Zach Marks, marketing director, Pharmaceutical Delivery Systems.
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