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Connecting the Clinical and R&D Dots: Pfizer Wins Top Prize for Innovation

April 3, 2014

Prizer's use of tranSMART, an open source data management system, allows it to connect genomic, clinical trial and patient data to spot potential niche opportunities for new drugs. Its work won it Innovationweek's top "Elite 100" prize for IT innovation.

Informationweek, which recognized Merck for its application of Big Data analytics to improve vaccine manufacturing, awarded Pfizer its top “Elite 100” prize for innovation in IT.  Pfizer won for its Precision Medicine Analytics Ecosystem, which aims to connect genomics, clinical trial and electronic medical record data to allow it to spot potential opportunities for niche drugs.  The platform is based on tranSMART, an open source data management system developed by Johnson & Johnson and Recombinant Data Corp
For more on the project from the source, read the Informationweek article.

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