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QIAGEN Expands Next-gen Sequencing Applications

April 3, 2014

Launches QIAxpert instrument and CLC Cancer Research Workbench

QIAGEN N.V. has launched two new products aimed at addressing workflow challenges in next-generation sequencing (NGS) applications. The QIAxpert instrument is designed to accelerate quantification and quality control of DNA and RNA samples, and the new CLC Cancer Research Workbench is a bioinformatics software suite designed for rapid analysis, visualization, and interpretation of advanced NGS data in cancer research.
QIAxpert is a high-speed UV/VIS spectrophotometer that enables labs to assess the quality and quantity of nucleic acids in as many as 16 samples within two minutes, according to the company. The QIAxpert employs software and an interactive touchscreen with smart analysis applications that can quantify DNA and RNA with spectral protocols to differentiate molecules in complex samples, providing a comprehensive analytical profile. QIAxpert aligns with QIAxcel, QIAGEN's capillary electrophoresis platform for DNA/RNA fragment analysis for nucleic acid sample preparation for NGS.
The CLC Cancer Research Workbench is designed to enables researchers to identify prognostic markers, identify sub-clonal somatic mutations, detect inherited traits, find biomarkers for drug response, and determine new oncogenes. According to the company, advanced re-sequencing tools, in combination with a graphical user interface, provides rapid analysis and accurate interpretation of advanced NGS data. Also, results can be filtered, visualized, and compared with other relevant databases such as COSMIC, ClinVar, or in-house curated ones, as well as with other datasets.
"Our portfolio of universal products for NGS includes innovative solutions for many of the key workflow challenges our customers face in sample preparation. QIAxpert and QIAxcel can assure the highest sample quality, saving time and costs by reducing the risk of having to repeat NGS experiments, and thus helping laboratories to generate valuable insights," said Peer M. Schatz, chief executive officer of QIAGEN. "The new CLC Cancer Research Workbench offers scientists and clinicians state-of-the-art analysis and interpretation of gene variants and cancers."