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Financial Report: Sanofi

April 29, 2014

Exchange rates hurt results


1Q Revenues: €7.8 billion (-3%)

1Q Earnings: €1.5 billion (-3%)

Comments: Diabetes revenue was up 13% to €1.7 billion. Genzyme revenues were up 22% to €566 million, driven by Aubagio with sales of €78 million versus €20 million in 1Q13. Consumer Healthcare sales were up 19% to €885 million. Sanofi Pasteur vaccine sales were €628 million, down 4%, reflecting a phasing effect in Pentaxim deliveries in Emerging Markets, offset by strong sales for Imovax in Japan and Menactra in the previous year period. Animal Health sales were down 2% to €517 million. Exchange rates had a negative effect of 6% in the quarter.