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Sanofi Expands Medidata Cloud Platform

April 29, 2014

Leverages RaveTSDV technology for risk-based monitoring of clinical trial sites

Sanofi has increased its adoption of the Medidata Clinical Cloud as part of a company-wide initiative aimed at increasing productivity across its global R&D organization. Sanofi will now leverage Miedidata’s technology for risk-based monitoring of clinical trial sites, in addition to the solutions and analytics currently used.
Sanofi is developing an industry-wide approach for targeted monitoring of clinical trial sites and has selected Medidata’s targeted source document verification, Medidata RaveTSDV, to provide a scalable and auditable technology solution for its clinical operations and data management teams.
“We’re proud that Medidata’s cloud-based platform is supporting Sanofi in driving the effective and high-quality delivery of new medicines to patients worldwide,” said Glen de Vries, president of Medidata. “Sanofi is an early adopter of risk-based monitoring practices and has been quick to implement TransCelerate’s recommendations on this important methodology, streamlining the way clinical trials are conducted and monitored around the world.”

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