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Roche Plans Manufacturing Network Expansion

May 20, 2014

To expand and upgrade facilities in Switzerland, U.S. and Germany

Roche plans to expand and upgrade its manufacturing facilities at its headquarters in Basel, Switzerland, as part of the company’s ongoing efforts to expand its biologics manufacturing network.
The company plans to invest approximately $135 million to build new facilities at its Basel headquarters and upgrade existing production operations, including a new facility for small-molecules, which is expected to be operational by 3Q16, and the expansion of an existing facility for investigational drugs and approved products, which the company expects to be operational by June 2015.
The company is also investing approximately $880 million to expand its biologics manufacturing, including a new antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) production facility in Basel for Kadcyla, its first approved ADC, as well as eight ADCs under development. The company will also expand biologic manufacturing capacity at its U.S. facilities in Vacaville and Oceanside, CA, as well as operations in Penzberg, Germany. The expansion project is expected to add approximately 500 jobs.

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