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Novozymes Biopharma Enters VELTIS Technology Pact

May 29, 2014

To assess the dosing and performance of a subunit antigen vaccine candidate

Novozymes Biopharma has entered a collaborative research agreement with an undisclosed vaccine company to evaluate its modified recombinant human albumin (rAlbumin) Veltis technology to assess the dosing and performance of a subunit antigen vaccine candidate.
Subunit vaccines are regarded as a safer and more specific alternative to live attenuated vaccines, but are often limited by multiple dosing requirements and the need for adjuvants to improve the immune response. Novozymes' VELTIS technology represents a series of engineered human albumins that in combination with a drug candidate, offers the potential for control of the therapeutic half-life, which allows for reducing the dosing frequency of drugs from daily to every two weeks or monthly.
 “This collaborative research agreement with one of the leading vaccine companies showcases the potential application of Novozymes’ proven albumin-based half-life extension technology in the vaccine space,” said Svend Licht, global head of sales and business development, Novozymes Biopharma. “The Veltis technology could overcome many of the limitations of current subunit vaccines, resulting in both improved healthcare and economic outcomes.”