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Pfizer, X-Chem Enter Multi-Target Alliance

June 11, 2014

X-Chem to apply discovery engine to identify novel leads

X-Chem, Inc. entered a multi-target collaboration with Pfizer for the potential development of several programs for the treatment of inflammatory and orphan diseases. X-Chem will apply its discovery engine, which leverages a high diversity DNA-encoded small molecule library to seek the identification of novel leads for undisclosed Pfizer programs. Pfizer has an exclusive option to license any compounds generated under the collaboration. Financial terms were not disclosed.
“The use of ultra-large and highly diverse DNA-encoded small molecule libraries has emerged as a novel technology with potential to generate leads for difficult targets of high importance,” said Tony Wood, senior vice president, Worldwide Medicinal Chemistry, Pfizer. “At Pfizer we are keen to explore new technologies that may help expand our pipeline of innovative medicines and are pleased to initiate this collaboration with X-Chem to access their innovative lead generation approach.”
“With the ongoing expansion of X-Chem’s library, informatics capabilities, and screening expertise, we continue to identify lead molecules to challenging, high value therapeutic targets,” said Rick Wagner, Ph.D., chief executive officer of X-Chem. “Our vision is to enable breakthroughs in the treatment of diseases with high unmet medical need by partnering our lead discovery engine with leaders in the pharmaceutical industry such as Pfizer.”

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