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Metrics Expands Bioavailability Services

June 26, 2014

Acquires BÜCHI B-290 Mini Spray Dryer

Metrics, Inc. has expanded its drug bioavailability services with the acquisition of a BÜCHI B-290 Mini Spray Dryer. The dryer’s core capability is rendering powder from a solution. Also, in single-unit operation, the dryer can modify particle size, agglomerate nanoparticles, dry suspensions and microencapsulation.

The company recently invested $1.6 million in a new 4,524-sq.-ft. facility designed for the preclinical development of early formulation prototypes and related analytical methods.
Brad Gold, Ph.D., vice president of pharmaceutical development at Metrics, said, “Because spray drying, especially with organic solvents, is a leading technique for enhancing drug availability, this acquisition allows Metrics to offer even more drug-delivery options to our clients. It also reflects Metrics’ ongoing investment in facilities and equipment to preserve our standing as the outsourcing partner of choice for contract pharmaceutical services.”
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