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External Rating System Proposed for Drug Development

July 16, 2014

Claravant has launched the first external rating system designed to assess and rate drug development. Analogous to Standard & Poor's or Moody's financial investment analysis, this system would examine drug development and assess how likely a given drug candidate is to succeed. 

Using a team of experts, many of them former FDA directors, with experience in all phases of drug development and regulatory review, Claravant analyzes each drug development project based on  175 different criteria.  They then compile a comprehensive report assessing the development program that is designed for internal review at the company.  In addition, they also provide a rating and analysis that is appropriate for external distribution for companies that want to make this information available to investors and others. 
Claravant says that it uses a review system that mimics the FDA’s approval process to assess the likelihood of success in a drug development program at any stage. We'll be covering the system, and the company, in greater depth on our website and in the next issue of the magazine.  Stay tuned!