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Camargo Expands Research Team

July 23, 2014

Choi, Orans and Lai expand therapeutic expertise

Camargo Pharmaceutical Services has expanded its research team with the appointments of Dr. Wen-Yee Choi, Dr. Jillian Orans, Dr. Vien Lai and Kathryn Kemme.
Dr. Choi and Dr. Orans completed Camargo’s Spring 2014 postdoctoral internship program and join the company as research scientists. Dr. Choi specializes in cardiovascular medicine, including cardiac regeneration and bench-to-bedside research. Her work on microRNA stem cell research is featured in numerous publications and presentations. Dr. Orans has extensive experience in DNA mismatch repair in hereditary colon cancer, bacterial fitness and pathogenesis in infectious disease, and brings expertise in using macromolecular crystallography to study the structural biology and biochemistry of proteins and nucleic acids.
Dr. Lai has also been named as a research scientist with a focus on stem cell research and cardiovascular disease. His post-graduate training is focused on clinical medicine, including internal medicine, acute and emergency medicine, oncology and cardiovascular surgery.
Ms. Kemme has been appointed associate director of chemistry, manufacturing and control (CMC), responsible for providing direction and technical support for partnering contract manufacturing organizations. She has conducted numerous successful preapproval inspection readiness audits and gap analysis, and is proficient in project management, product transfer initiatives and scale-up.
“These individuals expand our capabilities and depth of skill in key therapeutic areas,” said Ken Phelps, president and chief executive officer. “More so than ever, our team has the extensive knowledge and background needed to provide effective development solutions to our clients.”
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