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Financial Report: Bristol-Myers Squibb

July 24, 2014

Results impacted by diabetes divestiture

Bristol-Myers Squibb

2Q Revenues: $3.9 billion (-4%)

2Q Earnings: $334.0 million (-37%)

YTD Revenues: $7.7 billion (-2%)

YTD Earnings: $1.3 billion (+10%)

Comments: U.S. revenues decreased 7% to $1.9 billion in the quarter and International revenues were down 1% to $2.0 billion. Reyataz sales were down 16% to $362 million. The Sustiva Franchise was down 12% to $361 million. Eliquis sales grew by $159 million, Yervoy sales were up 38% to $321 million, Sprycel sales grew 18% to $368 million, and Orencia sales were $402 million, up 14%. R&D expenses were up 49% to $1.4 billion in the quarter and included impairment and acquisition-related charges of $458 million. Results in the quarter were impacted by the divestiture of the diabetes alliance.
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