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Capsugel, Cardax Collaborate on Astaxanthin Development

August 19, 2014

To develop novel formulations to enhance bioavailability

Capsugel and Cardax, Inc. have entered a collaboration to develop and commercialize nature-identical synthetic formulations of astaxanthin products with pharmaceutical-grade purity that will provide improved oral bioavailability compared with other marketed astaxanthin products. Astaxanthin is used as a specialized antioxidant.
The astaxanthin products will be jointly developed using Capsugel’s lipid multi-particulate (LMP) technology, which encapsulates dissolved or suspended active ingredients into spherical lipid matrix particles for oral dosage in capsules, sachets, suspensions or tablets. The LMP technology utilizes a range of approved lipids to deliver lipid-based formulations for improved bioavailability, controlled release and effective taste-masking. Additional terms were not disclosed.
“Our strategic partnership with Cardax provides an opportunity to be at the forefront of developing unique astaxanthin products for consumer health applications,” said Amit Patel, Capsugel senior vice president and dosage form solutions president. “Our premier bioavailability enhancement technology suite and lipid-based formulation expertise, coupled with our encapsulation know how and infrastructure, will be leveraged to meet our partner’s product profile and commercial goals of a high quality final dosage form.”
“Our collaboration with Capsugel provides the formulation expertise and infrastructure necessary for the advancement of proprietary astaxanthin products for consumer health applications,” added David G. Watumull, Cardax president and chief executive officer. “Participation in more of the consumer health value chain as a true partner with Capsugel could add substantially to our revenues, and the new intellectual property anticipated from this collaboration may provide a meaningful competitive advantage.”
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