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Intellipharmaceutics Augments Rexista Abuse-deterrence Technology

Published August 29, 2014
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Intellipharmaceutics International, Inc. has released a new platform technology, PODRAS (Paradoxical OverDose Resistance Activating System), an enhanced version of its Rexista abuse-deterrence technologies designed to prevent overdose when more pills than prescribed are swallowed intact.
The company’s most advanced application of the PODRAS platform is currently its Rexista product candidate (oxycodone hydrochloride extended-release tablet), which is designed to deter abuse by both physical interference and overdose.
Preclinical studies of Rexista suggest that if more tablets than prescribed are swallowed, the amount of drug active released over 24 hours may be substantially less, with the potential approaching zero, whereas, if the prescribed number of pills is swallowed, the drug release should be as expected.
The company expects to begin a series of clinical trials in Canada and the U.S. in the coming months to further evaluate Rexista incorporating its PODRAS platform.
"We believe this significant advance in our abuse deterrence technology has the potential to positively differentiate Rexista from other abuse-deterrent technologies of which we are aware, and represents an important step toward helping patients manage their pain safely," said Dr. Isa Odidi, chief executive officer of Intellipharmaceutics. "In addition to its use with oxycodone, the new technology is potentially applicable to a wide range of drug products that are intentionally or inadvertently abused and cause harm by overdose to those who ingest them."

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