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DPT Acquires Meda Pharma’s NJ Facilities

September 4, 2014

Provides 90,000 sq.-ft. with additional cold storage and larger analytical lab

DPT Laboratories has acquired Meda Pharmaceuticals’ Lakewood, NJ facilities, expanding its footprint in Lakewood with two buildings totaling 90,000 sq.-ft. of space. The acquisition provides additional cold storage and a larger analytical lab. DPT will also absorb Meda’s employees for the continued manufacture of MUSE, a urethral suppository product.
“The Meda Pharmaceuticals space allows us to meet the needs of our clients today and beyond,” said Gene Ciolfi, vice president and general manager, Lakewood site operations. “We are also in a better position to explore additional opportunities to further our capabilities from development through commercialization.”
“We look forward to transitioning Meda Pharmaceuticals’ personnel to the DPT team,” Mr. Ciolfi commented. “Their experience and continued dedication to quality complements our commitment to outstanding client service.”
DPT’s current Lakewood location is one of the organization’s established Centers of Excellence that provides aseptic processing suites and filling equipment for small-volume parenterals, ophthalmic preparations, preservative-free nasal sprays and sterile ointments.
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