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Immune Pharma Gains Exclusive License to Antibody Technology

December 29, 2015

Bispecific antibody demonstrated direct anti-cancer effects in vitro and in vivo

Immune Pharmaceuticals has entered into an exclusive license with Atlante Biotech SAS, for the patents and know-how for a new format of bispecific antibodies.
Recent data on the platform prototype bispecific antibody was shown to retain effector functions and mediate redirect killing of target cells by cytokine induced killer T cells. The bispecific antibody demonstrated direct anti-cancer effects in vitro, as well as in vivo anti-tumor activity and improved survival in a mouse xenograft model of disseminated leukemia.  
The R&D work on the bispecific antibodies will be performed in Immune's recently established Immunology R&D unit at the Alexandria Center for Life Sciences in New York, under Dr. Boris Shor, executive director of R&D, who joined the company from Pfizer Oncology.
Dr. Daniel Teper, chief executive officer of Immune said, "This is an important milestone as we make progress with our immuno-oncology pipeline. Our research will focus on the application of this novel bispecific platform to target immune checkpoints.  Our plan is to generate additional pre-clinical data with selected bispecific drug candidates in 2016."