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Sunshine Acquires Remaining Rights to Adva-27a

December 29, 2015

Anticancer compound shows potential in pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, small-cell lung cancer and uterine sarcoma

Sunshine Biopharma has acquired all of the remaining rights to its anticancer compound Adva-27a for $12.8 million, which will be paid with quarterly payments through December 2020. The Patent Purchase Agreement provides direct ownership of all issued and pending Adva-27a related patents and intellectual property worldwide. Sunshine previously had ownership of only the U.S. patent.
Adva-27a is a Topoisomerase II inhibitor, small molecule that has recently been shown to be effective at killing pancreatic cancer cells, multidrug resistant breast cancer cells, small-cell lung cancer cells and uterine sarcoma cells. Adva-27a is currently in the IND-Enabling stage of development, with plans for Phase I trials in pancreatic cancer and multidrug resistant breast cancer.