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Braga Retires from Sanofi Pasteur

January 7, 2016

Spent 27 years with Sanofi's vaccine division

Damian A. Braga, president of Sanofi Pasteur US, and senior vice president of Commercial Operations has retired from the company, where he held several key positions for the past 27 years.
In his most recent role, he led the development and implementation of Sanofi Pasteur’s commercial strategy to ensure sustainable and profitable growth through business units, countries and support functions.
Mr. Braga joined the company as a financial analyst in 1988 and quickly moved up the ranks to senior-level positions, becoming US CFO in 1996, president of the US in 2002 and head of the Americas organization in 2007.
“I have taken great pride in the significant and continued evolution of our Sanofi Pasteur organization, and the impact of our products in protecting and saving millions of lives around the world,” said Mr. Braga. “I entered the company with eyes wide open – ready to learn and grow. Based on hard work, strong mentors, and being at the right place at the right time, my career expanded in ways I never thought possible, and I ultimately realized opportunities to evoke change in ways I never thought possible.”
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