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Emergent Technologies, Xencor Enter License Agreement

January 12, 2016

Provides exclusive rights to use a TCRm monoclonal antibody against Receptor target NY-ESO1

Emergent Technologies’ portfolio company, Receptor Logic, has entered into an exclusive License Agreement providing Xencor, Inc. with exclusive worldwide rights to use a T-Cell Receptor Mimic (TCRm) monoclonal antibody against the target NY-ESO1, developed by Receptor Logic, for cancer treatment.

“Our expertise in cancer target identification, when coupled with our development of TCRm monoclonal antibodies to cancer targets, provides a powerful pipeline for immuno-oncology drug development,” said chief scientist William Hildebrand, Ph.D. “By identifying HLA/cancer antigen targets and making TCRm monoclonal antibodies to these targets, we provide industry partners with a steady stream of more personalized cancer therapeutics.”

“This agreement with Xencor reflects the significant value of our platform as we continue to advance into personalized medicine,” said Thomas Harlan, chief executive officer of Receptor Logic and its related company, Pure MHC. “We‘re excited to provide one of our TCRm antibodies to Xencor to assist the company in its cancer therapeutic development efforts.”

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