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Evotec Earns Janssen Milestone

January 12, 2016

Advances Alzheimer's target

Evotec AG has achieved an important milestone in its TargetAD Alzheimer's collaboration with Janssen Pharmaceuticals, transitioning a project into further drug discovery development.   
The companies entered the collaboration in October 2013 to develop new drugs for Alzheimer's disease. Janssen has the right to internalize selected targets and therapeutic candidates and progress them into preclinical and clinical development. Janssen funds target drug discovery research via a combination of defined research payments and progress-related milestones.
Dr. Cord Dohrmann, chief scientific officer of Evotec, said, "Despite the significant challenges in identifying and prosecuting novel targets in the field of Alzheimer's disease, our collaboration with Janssen continues to thrive as documented by this milestone. On the basis of an ever improving platform and an excellent team that is seamlessly integrated across both companies, we are confident that further progress will follow in 2016."
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