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Lonza Launches QC Insider Toolbox

January 12, 2016

Incorporates e-learning modules for endotoxin testing

Lonza released a suite of endotoxin-specific e-Learning Modules for its QC Insider Toolbox designed to deliver technical knowledge needed by Quality Control professionals for bacterial endotoxin testing. It offers an interactive e-Learning module and knowledge test with a certificate of completion.
The new modules can also be bundled together to create a customized training program. Basic courses such as “An Introduction to Endotoxin Testing” and “Understanding the Bacterial Endotoxins Test” can be coupled with assay-specific modules like “Working with the Gel Clot Assay” or “Working with Photometric Assays”.
The Lonza QC Insider Toolbox is an internet portal that was launched in 2015 to provide online support for bacterial endotoxin testing. It offers a range of support tools, training resources and a library of information to help guide users through the QC process.
“While seminars are a great way to share and acquire knowledge, they do require a significant time investment,” said Katrin Hoeck, head of marketing analysis and testing at Lonza Bioscience Solutions. “We understand that Quality Control professionals have a demanding schedule, and it is often difficult to find time to travel off-site to attend a seminar, especially without significantly interrupting their daily workflow. Lonza’s e-Learning Modules offer a simple yet highly effective solution.”