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AMRI, NYCNMR in Nanotech Services Alliance

January 14, 2016

Will co-market nanoscale, formulation and discovery services

Albany Molecular Research Inc. (AMRI) has entered a collaboration with the New York Center for Nanomedicine Research (NYCNMR) to co-market their nanotechnology services to global pharma and biopharma clients.
For a period of three years, AMRI gains access to NYCNMR's nanoscale therapeutic and formulation services, and NYCNMR's customers will have access to AMRI's drug discovery services, which includes assay method development, high-throughput screening, high-content screening, hit-to-lead-medicinal chemistry, computer-aided drug discovery and in vitro DMPK assays, as well as access to its ASCC small molecule and natural products collections.
"We are very enthusiastic about our collaboration with NYCNMR as it represents a unique opportunity to provide drug discovery customers with cutting-edge nanotechnologies and an environment that can create preventative, diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to treat a variety of human diseases," said Rory Curtis, Ph.D., vice president, Discovery Biology and Pharmacology, and site head of AMRI Buffalo. "NYCNMR's expertise has the ability to enrich the industry's drug discovery efforts across biology, chemistry and pharmacology by applying cutting-edge nanotechnologies to clinical applications to solve complex medical problems."
"We are excited to bring our nanotechnology capabilities and services to AMRI's customers through this strategic collaboration," said Scottpatrick J. Sellitto, founding partner and chief executive officer, NYCNMR. "We believe there is much for our customers and the industry to gain from accessing the integrated capabilities that AMRI's new center in Buffalo offers for drug discovery."
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