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Morphotek Selects Cryoport to Manage Cold Chain Logistics

January 14, 2016

To provide cold chain logistics support for shipments of Morphotek’s R&D materials

Cryoport, Inc. has been selected by Morphotek to provide cold chain logistics support for shipments of Morphotek’s R&D materials.
Morphotek, a subsidiary of Eisai Inc., develops novel classes of biologic-based products to treat cancer, inflammation and infectious diseases. Morphotek’ Human MORPHODOMA technology employs an ex vivo immunization process in combination with morphogenics to generate fully human antibodies targeted against disease-associated antigens.  
Its Libradoma technology generates libraries of hybridomas that can be rapidly screened to identify fully human monoclonal antibodies to known antigens and novel targets for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases in humans.  
Global Supply Chain management director of Morphotek, Myron Waskiw, said, "By selecting Cryoport for our cold chain logistics, we are partnering with the most experienced cryogenic solutions provider. Cryoport understands the critical nature of our shipments, has the advanced capabilities to track conditions and location of our products in transit around the clock, and, importantly, has the intervention capability to mitigate any logistics risks. Cryoport’s solutions and capabilities are critical to the successful development of our therapeutic candidates."
Mark Sawicki, Ph.D., chief commercial officer of Cryoport, said, "Cryoport is thrilled to have been selected by Morphotek to manage the cold chain logistics supporting research for its biological-based programs to treat cancer, inflammation and infectious diseases. This relationship further solidifies our position as the leading provider of complete cold chain solutions for innovative therapeutics."
Cryoport is currently supporting 52 clinical trials for advanced therapies and regenerative medicines, including 10 in Phase III, for biopharmaceutical companies around the world.

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